Hilarious T-shirts For Men

Ever wondered how to make men's t-shirts that would make people laugh? Men and women think very differently and this is why there has to be research done, on what they like or what they will respond to, in designing men's t-shirt. The top things that come into mind that would definitely entertain a man would be women, sex, beer, bathroom humor, and probably anything illegal like drugs and violence.

An obvious difference between men and women is that women are impressed with anything cute and witty while men are easily entertained by anything obvious and straightforward. Men are easy to please because they want everything to be straight to the point, like a design of an image of a pile of beer above the word "Tuesday" will surely make them relate to the t-shirt and laugh out loud. This should be accurate given I am a girl and this made me chuckle, too. To attract men to buy and wear funny t-shirts, you have to know what makes them feel like they stand out. The best way to make men crack up is to involve sexual innuendo, images of sex jokes, jokes about hygiene involving farts, or anything illegal like pot. Visit this site to see more of these samples.

It should not come as a surprise that funny t-shirts from this page for men are still so popular because in society today, you are still able to see men in their fifties or forties that are rocking the frat humor tees. Most men who are younger have already pictured themselves being old and still wearing a funny shirt. Age should never be a hindrance to continuing what makes you laugh and feel young all the time.

All throughout the article we have mentioned that most men get easily impressed when we hit them with anything that appeals their basic instincts, but keep in mind that there are still men out there that get impressed with witty designs. There are others who would want to see a math joke or a science joke immortalized through a t-shirt design. Pop culture and famous quotes or people getting altered in a funny way will get men ordering shirts in bundles. Picture an image of an evil villain in a popular comic strip but in a very domestic setting like the house kitchen, paired with an equally funny quote from the franchise, you will surely get several people cracking up, not just men. Original designs are very hard to do right now but if you add a twist to famous characters known by many, you can still sell more than expected. You can also learn more about T-shirt designs by checking out the post at http://www.thefreedictionary.com/T-shirt .